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Share and experience homestays
How does it work?
Every registered member receives 1000 welcome points and 500 additionnal points whenever the 3 first ads are posted. When a member uses one of our services, you gain additional points.
Members post requests (advice, meet-up)

or ads to propose their services (hosting, linguistic practice, local activities...)
Other members answer requests to earn points.
Futhermore, they can use the proposed services in the ads thanks to cumulated points. The hosting offer has a cost. The traveler has to pay 4€ per night and per room that will be transfered to Connecting u.
Respond to request, offer services by posting ads.
Sponsoring new members or publishing content gives you points.
More points you earn by exchanging with our members, more you benefit from our community services
Trust and caring among our members
Authenticity of the interactions with passionate locals
No monetary exchange between our members
Choice of members with whom to interact

Discover the local culture and live unique experiences within your host family.


To improve your skills, practice the language of your choice with a native who shares your interests.


Meet the inhabitants to share moments of conviviality or practice a traditional activity.


Ask any question to our members about the country, its culture, its acitivities, its hidden quiks and anything that might interest you !

Access to our whole community.

Select members to interact with according to their points of interest, their language, city, or received evaluations. Furthermore, create a connection between members in a spirit of sharing with others and helping each other.

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Our team

Daïna: Founder

24 years of customer relations expertise and the transformation of international environments.

What your friends say about you: caring, full of energy, and wants to change the world!

Pascaline: Community Manager

Animation of the website and social networks.

She is an expert in homestay travel who has lived abroad for 3 years. When traveling she stays at people's house rather than in hotels and she also receives travelers at home. She loves hitchhiking and participates in many intercultural events wherever she goes, which allows her to connect with the people she meets.

Patrick: Sales director

30 years at the head of sales departments and international establishments of buisness units.

The 2 traits you look for in other people: Curiosity and integrity

Une équipe de trois développeurs et architectes de solutions web passionnés